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123 New Regenerative SMARTER Build Cities


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Africa123 is a private initiative to develop 123 new Regenerative SMARTER Build (RSB) cities to address the needs of a rapidly urbanizing Africa delivering at scale: housing, employment, education and healthcare underpinned by a robust circular economic model that delivers food and water security within each new thriving urban settlement.

Sustainable urbanization within a regenerative framework presents the biggest and most exciting opportunity for Africa to become a place of prosperity and growth for all Africans.

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By 2050 the total African population will be 2.5 billion, with 70% living in unplanned urban settlements. Current African cities are unable to deal with this urbanization onslaught. The solution offers an unprecedented opportunity for Africa and the world to leverage this continental demand driver to create structural transformation, utilizing city scale development as the transformative mechanism. The modernization of Africa is not a tomorrow project.

The time to 1-Identify, 2-Plan and 3-Build each new city is now.

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A well–designed regenerative circular economy develops whole–system integrated urban communities in sustainable environment where citizens can live a healthy, balanced, and upwardly mobile lifestyle.


Residents can access quality education and healthcare at all stages of their lives; enjoy sports and recreation in green parks and public facilities near their homes; live in safe clean neighbourhoods with efficient public transport and services.


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123 Regenerative SMARTER Build (RSB) cities across Africa, built from construction materials that minimize impact on the natural environment.

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communiTgrow’s 6 Pillar model is the foundation of a modern community development, ensuring that people and environment flourish together. It offers a unique regenerative solution to building large-scale planned sustainable African city-builds that maximise the potential of each community.

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  1. A Prosperous Africa, based on inclusive growth and sustainable development

  2. An integrated continent, politically united, based on the ideals of Pan Africanism and the vision
    of Africa’s Renaissance


  3. An Africa of good governance, democracy, respect for human rights, justice and the rule of law

  4. A Peaceful and Secure Africa

  5. Africa with a strong cultural identity, common heritage, values and ethics

  6. An Africa whose development is people driven, relying on the potential offered by people, especially its women and youth and caring for children

  7. An Africa as a strong, united, resilient and influential global player and partner

A private-sector-led radical whole-systems economic transformational initiative that can be replicated across the continent in alignment with the African Union 2063’s 7 Africa Aspirations, the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the African Development Bank’s High 5’s.

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Qualifying Process

•Needs Analysis

•Locality & Site Visit

•Project Concept

•Values Match

•Government Support

•Viability Report

•Seed Funding

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•Site Survey
•Hi-Level Data
•Approval Process
•Hi-Level Scope of Works •Prefeasibility Funding •Stakeholder Engagement •Regenerative Design Analysis

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Agreement to engage

•Land Agreement
•Joint Venture Agreement •Professional & Consultants
•Fees Agreement
•Government Support & Adoption

 of Financial Mechanism Agreement

STEP 1 - Design & Plan (24 Months)

123 new Regenerative SMARTER Build (RSB) cities can be a reality within 36 months of securing the land.

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•Data Scrutiny

•Hi-level Concepts

•Hi-level Draft Costs

•Financial Modelling

•Go / No-Go Decision

•Detailed Feasibility & Design Funding

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Feasibility &Design

•Data Analyses
•Hi-level Master Plan

•Statutory Requirements •Infrastructure Scoping

•Tender Process
•Project Finance & Costing •Regenerative Economy Driver

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•Rezoning Qualification & Submission

•Environmental Impact Assessment & Submission

Urban Economy Master Plan •Strategic Partnerships •Tender Advertisement

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Approvals & Funding

•Rezoning Approval

•Detailed Financial

Modelling & Cash Flow •Economic Partnerships

•Tender Bid Scrutiny

•Project Peak Funding

•Home Loans Funding

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Feasibility &Design

•Detailed Master Planning •Utility Partnerships

•Regulatory Approvals

•Housing & Employment •Education & Health •Regenerative Systems •Awarding of Contracts

STEP 3 - Build & Handover (15 - 20 Years)

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Delivery & Handover

•Construction of City

•Business & Enterprise

•Education & Health

•Regenerative Economy

•Marketing & Sales
•Home Loans Securitization •Governance & Handover

STEP 2 - Approve & Fund (12 Months)


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Gita Goven

M-Arch ( UCT),
Pr Arch. Reg SACAP 


Gita is an architect and sustainability specialist with 35+ years of built environment and design experience; she is trained in regenerative systems design, is CEO of ARG DESIGN and has served on and chaired many boards. She is committed to regenerative systems approaches that build family, community, and a healthy planet through settlement design, place-making and development networks. She integrates the disciplines of Urban Design, Planning and Environmental Management, Architecture and Landscape Design. ARG DESIGN has been the recipient of many Architecture and Planning awards.

Gita has convened conversations between experts from diverse disciplines and engaged in action research and design in India, South Africa, and African countries, that have informed settlement design at many scales. This led her to co-author the 1st Edition of “2 Billion Strong” in 2012, defining six key pillars that underpin modern African City-Design.

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Tshepo Monnamoroe


Chief Executive Officer

Tshepo is a property specialist; he has been involved in the property industry for the last 16 years, in the property development and facilities sectors. He has worked for two blue chip companies focusing on the Facilities and Operations Management, some of the iconic property he has overseen are the Sandton node which is inclusive of the richest square mile in Africa namely Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square, he was also involved in operationally overseeing the largest Shopping Centre in the Eastern suburbs of Johannesburg, namely Eastgate Shopping Centre.

Tshepo is a believer in a coordinated effort of bringing people from different walks of life to find a cohesive solution in terms of resolving the infrastructural crisis the county is currently facing. He believes that after what South Africa has been through, there is definitely room for this country to be able to surpass our current challenges and be a leading light of positive and transformational development in the world.

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Tahir Fayker

Bcom (UWC), SIAff (UK), MBA (UCT)

Chief Financial Officer

Tahir Fayker, also Chairperson of the regenerative development company and co-founder of Africa123, Regen Africa, is responsible for business partnerships. He contributes a wealth of specialized financial knowledge and concepts developed by SmartBond Capital, a capital raising and investment facilitation company which he co-founded 22 years ago.

Tahir is also a co-founder and director of the medical development and management company, the Medshare Group. Other interests include Greenlite Holdings, manufacturer of green light weight building products for the construction industry and the Smart Land Group, a company focused on providing sustainable solutions for a rapidly urbanizing Africa, believing that it is Africa’s time to develop its own rich sustainable future using proven innovative techniques and skills that will ultimately improve the standard of living of all Africans.

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Shadley Poggenpoel


Chief Operations Officer

Shadley is an experienced, professional, senior executive with a proven track record in the Corporate FMCG industry. He has worked in various positions all over South Africa at South African Breweries He attained a B.Sc. degree and an MBA from USB (University of Stellenbosch Business School). Shadley also attained a Higher Diploma in Education (HDE) and is a qualified educator.


Whilst employed at SAB, he helped adjudicate the Kick-start candidates which formed part of the SAB’s Enterprise Development Program. Shadley is currently a Management Consultant and has consulted to SAB in Africa which entailed re-engineering their processes.


He also has answered his inner calling of teaching and currently volunteers as a mentor to students at TSIBA (Tertiary School in Business Administration) which is a non-profit Business school.

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Alastair Rendall


Chief Project Officer

Alastair is an Architect and Urban Designer/Planner who has been practicing professionally for over 35 years. His main field of practice has been in public sector projects, including housing, public transport, especially BRT, and community facilities such as schools, clinics and community centres. 

Alastair’s experience began by working for two years in rural India and, after graduating, working for 7 years in a housing and urban development NGO he was part of launching in the mid-1980s. He then started a private practice in 1997 focused on sustainable development in the public and community sphere throughout South Africa, mainly in Cape Town. His practice has directly or indirectly resulted in the delivery of many thousands of homes and public facilities.

Through his long engagement in urban development Alastair has developed the capability to conceptualise and package for delivery large urban development projects. He has come to understand that these large scale projects are the only way in which urban living for the majority of Africans can be significantly improved.

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Michael Dixon


Chief Legal Officer

Michael is a senior attorney who graduated from the University of Cape Town with a BA LLB degree in 1994 and commenced articles of clerkship in 1995. He progressed to a partner in 1998, and took over the firm, which evolved into Dixon Attorneys Inc in 1999. The firm brings a wealth of experience spanning 23 years, and Michael has 27 years post- qualification experience in law. The firm is based in the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town.

Michael acquired experience in Contract Law, Civil Law and in particular Commercial Law. Over the years he has engaged in the negotiating and drafting of various commercial contracts and has been instructed to litigate disputes relating to the Companies Act, liquidations, sequestrations, contractual disputes, and disputes between partners, shareholders and directors. He further represents a number of international based companies where he advises on risk and corporate governance and civil and commercial disputes and litigation.

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Africa123 is a unique opportunity to invest in the largest infrastructure project the world has ever seen that offers unlimited economic and social opportunities to all types of investors, from start-up businesses to large scale construction and utility companies, from private investors to international equity funds.

Economic Infrastructure

  • Transport (rail, roads, ports, airports)

  • Utilities (power generation, energy distribution

    networks, district heating and cooling, water,

    sewage, waste)

  • Communication (transmission, cable networks,

    towers, satellites, artificial intelligence)

  • Commercial real estate and systems

    (industrial, retail and office)

  • Agri and Aqua Culture

  • Financial Infrastructure

Social Infrastructure

  • Schools and other education facilities

  • Affordable and social housing

  • Hospitals & healthcare clinics

  • Administration buildings and libraries

  • Places of culture and worship, public spaces,

    sport and recreation facilities

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